– Provisional Members Create Something All M.I.N.E.

Junior Auxiliary of Tipton County’s provisional class organized a service project that focused on foster children and their unique needs. The All M.I.N.E. (My Immediate Needs Enclosed) aimed to provide these children with basic clothing items, new under garments and socks, along with a duffel bag that they would be able to carry their items in.

“We knew we wanted to do something that would be beneficial to foster children. With the majority of our provisional class being teachers, we witness quite often the struggles faced by foster children,” provisional member Eboni Eaton said. “So many of these children move frequently with nothing more than what is on their backs. We wanted to provide them with possessions that they would be able to carry with them no matter where they may be placed.”

The provisional members worked with a third-party agency to invite families, and tapped into the chapter’s active, associate and life members to collect items for the private shopping event held on April 14. In total, the provisional members were able to serve 23 children who were able to personally shop, and pick out their very own bag and clothing.