Each year we host a provisional class to introduce women to the Junior Auxiliary and prepare them for membership. If you are interested in joining Junior Auxiliary, please speak to a active, life or associate member.

>>>Complete the Membership Interest Form for more information.

Monthly meetings with your provisional class and trainer will prepare you for active membership by giving you an understanding of our service to the community, and how you fit into the future of Junior Auxiliary.

Meeting fellow members, and serving in the community will help you understand the responsibilities of membership and grow a deeper appreciation of the work we are doing to fulfill our mission of “Care Today – Character Tomorrow”.

The Junior Auxiliary is a six year commitment, with your provisional year serving as year one. We have a variety of service project and opportunities for members to serve our community, and help members achieve their required hours.

While considering Junior Auxiliary, take a look at last year’s Provisional Course Requirements and what is required of an Active member:

Meeting Requirements

  • 6 Provisional Meetings
  • 4 Chapter Meetings (3rd Tuesday of the month)

Hour Requirements

  • 36 Provisional Education Hours
  • 5 Finance Hours with 4 being at the annual Fall Shopping Frenzy held in November

Provisional Financial Obligations

  • Provisional Fee: $70 (non-refundable)
  • Finance Assessment: $40 (non-refundable)

Upon completion of your Provisional year, you are eligible to become an Active member where you make the commitment to actively serve Tipton County for the next five years.

Annual Active Hour Requirements

  • 24 Service Hours
  • 12 Education Hours (6 must come from chapter meetings)
  • 5 Finance Hours with 4 being at the annual Fall Shopping Frenzy held in November
  • 6 Chapter Meetings (3rd Tuesday of the month)

Active Financial Obligations

  • Yearly Active Dues: $70, due March 31 every year